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Counter years of good reviews by documenting legit reasons for discipline

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in Performance Reviews

Generally, if an employer gives an employee consistently good reviews, courts will view that as evidence that the employer was satisfied with the worker’s job performance. An employee who alleges discrimination or retaliation can then use those good reviews to show that something else must have been the reason for a sudden discharge.

And that can work—unless it’s clear the employer had a legitimate business reason for firing the employee. That’s why it’s so important to be able to document mistakes the employee may have made or rules he might have broken.

Recent case: Edward worked for many years as a Walmart pharmacy manager. Managers oversee all pharmacy operations, including the prescription-filling process, inventory control and supervision of pharmacy staff. Over the years, Edward received positive reviews for his interpersonal skills and obtained steady salary increases, although his supervisors did note that the pharm...(register to read more)

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