The email collaboration challenge

Q. Is there a better way to make comments in reply email text other than different font colors?

A. Trying to collaborate in email is always a challenge. Even changing the color of text can be a challenge when the format of the email is opened by a re­­ci­­pi­­ent who is using plain text for­­mat­­ting. However, if you have Out­­­­look, you can make your comments stand out using an option on, of all things, Sta­­tion­­ery.

When you compose an email, click the Insert tab and choose Signature, then Sig­­na­­tures. On the dialog box, you’ll see a card or tab labeled Per­­sonal Sta­­tion­­ery. In the Reply­­ing or For­­ward­­i­ng messages section, type your name in the Mark my comments with: field. You can also check Pick a new color when replying or forwarding. Click OK. You can also find these settings in File, Options, Mail and clicking the Stationery and Fonts button. Com­­­­pose your reply or forward in HTML or Rich Text mode (For­­mat Text tab, For­­mat group). Even if it gets changed to Plain text, it will still show your name in brackets ahead of your comments. Sepa­­rate your comments from the body of the text by a new line to help it be more discernible.

By Melissa Esquibel, Microsoft® Certified Trainer