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5 cheap staff appreciation strategies that really work

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in Team Building

Everybody loves a sincere thank you for a job well done. Trouble is, bosses (or teams) sometimes forget how important it is to show their staff just how much they appreciate them. If your boss (or your team) could use some guidance in this area, here are several low-cost ways to show gratitude.

  1. “You’ve been caught” program. Encourage managers and employees to notify HR when they “catch” a colleague in the act of going beyond the call of duty. At monthly staff meetings, introduce all nominated employees and describe what they did to merit recognition.
  2. Door prizes for staff meetings. To add some fun and encourage attendance, hold a drawing for a small door prize before all-staff meetings.
  3. Mini-massage. Bring in a massage therapist every now and then to give complimentary 5-to-10-minute shoulder massages.
  4. Birthday shirts. Have your CEO sign a birthday card for each employee and send it to the worker along with a company logo shirt on his or her special day.
  5. Feedback from bosses. This one might be the best of all. Encourage management to publicly recognize employees on an ongoing basis. After all, it’s free.

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