Scrutiny continues for Yahoo, Mayer amid turmoil

In the three and a half years that Marissa Mayer has run Yahoo, many of her key executives have quit. In October 2015, Mayer implied that those who left Yahoo lacked certain skills.

“Changes in leadership team are the result of careful planning to achieve the necessary skills, passion and ability to execute growth,” she told analysts in a conference call.

Predictably, critics lambasted Mayer, 40, for attacking the latest pair of well-respected executives who quit Yahoo to take good jobs elsewhere. Someone familiar with the situation labeled ­Mayer’s statement “disgraceful.”

Others inside the company said that the high number of departures reflects Mayer’s poor management style. Had the CEO simply followed the standard protocol by wishing the outgoing execs well and emphasizing Yahoo’s deep bench, she could’ve moved on without incurring such wrath.

Her pointed comments reinforce Mayer’s reputation as a control freak. Some insiders are finding her an even more demanding and difficult boss since the last batch of execs left Yahoo.

One person said “the world is crashing in on her and she’s feeling the pressure,” while another complained that Mayer “doesn’t listen to what others have to say.”

Mayer’s predicament is a reminder to limit public criticism of people who quit your organization. Once you go on the attack, you invite disgruntled folks to voice their concerns about you.

— Adapted from “The inside story of why Marissa Mayer’s most trusted executives have given up on Yahoo,” Julie Bort and Alexei Oreskovic,