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A lesson in leading ethically

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in Centerpiece,Leadership Skills

leadership compassPeter Wuffli, 58, served as president and CEO of UBS, a large Swiss bank, in the early 2000s. He’s author of the new book, Inclusive Leadership: A Framework for the Global Era.

Executive Leadership newsletter: Can you share advice on how a leader can behave ethically?

Wuffli: I think your ethical foundation is laid when you’re a child. If you’re a father, look how you educate your children. And look at the ethical values you were given when you were growing up. Reflect on what has shaped you when and why. At the core of ethics is responsibility. And responsibility comes from responding. As a practical test when assessing whether a decision is ethical, you can ask yourself, “Can I defend this to my children in 30 years?” As a business leader, you can ask [your team], “How do we explain this to our shareholders?”

EL: Did you do that as head of UBS?  

Wuffli: When I became CEO, we had a dysfunctional team at the top. We had a c...(register to read more)

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