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Who’s winning the workplace Cold War?

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The weather outside may be frightfully bizarre this winter, but the temperatures inside can be just as difficult for many to adjust to. According to a new Harris poll, 23% of employees say their office is too cold, while 25% are too hot.

Office temperature isn’t just a source of discomfort. It can also be a source of conflict. One in five workers (20%) have argued with a co-worker about office temperature, and 18% have secretly changed the temperature during the winter.

The battle over the thermostat is often waged along gender lines. Thirteen percent of men say they are too cold at work, 28% too hot. However, 31% of women say they are often too cold, with 22% too hot.

Employees told pollsters they use several strategies to keep warm at work during the winter—including a shivering handful who wrap up in blankets.

How we stay warm at work

Dress in layers  44%

Hot beverages  36%

Wear a jacket all day  31%

Heavy sweater  27%

Space heater  15%

Blankets  7%

Source: Harris poll for CareerBuilder.com, December 2015

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