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Prepare now for the data breach that will inevitably hit you

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Most companies maintain large amounts of data about their employees, some of which may be considered personally identifiable information. It must be carefully guarded to ensure employee privacy and prevent identity theft.

That may be more difficult if em­­­ployers adopt cloud-based information systems, in which data is stored in off-site servers.

You must understand the relevant laws and your obligations to protect employee data.

A growing problem

Data breaches have become all too common, so much so that employers should anticipate that they will eventually have to deal with one. One report identified 855 separate incidents in one recent year alone, resulting in the loss of 174 million data records. In another security study, 90% of organizations surveyed had experienced at least one data breach.

The advent of “big data” and cloud computing can mean enormous losses of data from a single breach, resulting in very large classe...(register to read more)

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