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Have you nailed down the rules of telecommuting?

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Leaders & Managers,People Management

“Hire right, set expectations, know and coach your employees: The same rules apply whether your people work five feet down the hall or you only ever see their faces on a video screen five inches high.” – How to Effectively Hire and Manage Remote Employees

“What is your opinion of the electronic monitoring of remote staff’s phone and computer activity?” a webinar attendee recently asked Jay Forte, the author of Fire Up Your Employees and The Greatness Zone. It was a question that went right to the heart of Jay’s belief about telecommuting: that if your organization is truly about results, you don’t micromanage processes. After all, are you paying people for the personal methods they use and the minutes they spend producing good work? No; ideally you’re paying them for the results those efforts generate. Stop thinking in terms of “How often are they on the phone or at their computer?” and more in terms of “What are they creati...(register to read more)

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