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Prevent communication breakdowns

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

In less than a decade, once power-house Blackberry lost 95% of value. The reason is largely blamed on a lack of communication from the ground up. Employees didn’t share information, and management never fully realized the extent of the company’s problems.

Make sure you follow these tips to avoid a break­­down like Blackberry experienced:

•  Establish hierarchies. While some experts are touting a flat organization with no hierarchies, during times of rapid growth it’s ideal to establish rank. Otherwise, employees could battle one another for assignments and kill productivity with turf wars. At least initially, establish seniority so that someone is delegating assignments and monitoring progress on goals.

•  Be assertive. This is the time to be quick on your feet and complete the work. Sometimes assertiveness can come across as harsh, but firmness is necessary to keep everyone focused on the goal.

•  Communicate goals constantly. That means revisiting them whenever you start a new project or initiative. It also means ensuring that everything you do directly relates to those goals. Now is not the time to take on pet projects or focus on ideas that don’t have a direct impact on the goals.

— Adapted from “3 Secrets to Effective Com­­mu­­ni­­ca­­tion During Rapid Business Growth,” Ash Rush, Entrepreneur, www.entrepreneur.com.

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