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How to tactfully get your employees out of their comfort zones

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step out of your comfort zoneIt’s no secret that workers generally tend to prefer the familiar when it comes to their jobs. They know what to expect and have confidence in their ability to perform up to par.

But there are times when a manager may need or want to ask team members to do something different. Company policy changes might necessitate a new procedure. Or perhaps the duties of a co-worker who will be out for a few weeks must be covered.

Maybe even you simply have a gut feeling that if given a chance, a certain staff member would thrive in uncharted territory such as representing the company at a conference.

While resistance to change may be the first reaction, it certainly doesn’t need to be the final one. Consider these hesitancy-reducing strategies when asking your team to broaden their horizons:

Think before you speak

“Framing is everything. If you know an employee resists branching out of his/her comfort zone, it’s important to acknowledge...(register to read more)

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