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Prepare for presentations in 15 minutes

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Giving a big presentation can make even a seasoned professional nervous. Well Said, Inc. President Darlene Price says that instead of trying to get rid of your butterflies you should try to take advantage of them. She writes that the adrenaline can make you more energetic and enthusiastic about the presentation. If that doesn’t work, here are more ways you can prepare yourself:

•  Talk to the audience before you speak. This makes you seem more approachable and personable. You could also learn a lot from your conversations, which could enhance your presentation.

•  Evaluate the space. Know where you’re going to speak, where your audience will be listening and how to operate all electronics essential to a successful presentation. By being early, you will show the audience that you’re prepared to put on a great performance.

•  Take a deep breath. Take a few deep breaths to revitalize your system and get energized.   

•  Practice makes perfect. Know the first minute of your presentation like the back of your hand. It’s important to start strong, so keep an idea of what you want to say in the beginning ready to go.

•  Throw the negative thoughts away. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t drag yourself down in the last few minutes before you start.

•  Stand up. Get ready to give a presentation by standing up for the last five minutes before you start. Standing up will keep your blood flowing and keep you energized for your presentation.

— Adapted from “13 things you should do in the 15 minutes before a big presentation,” Jacquelyn Smith, Business Insider.

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