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The 6 most lucrative administrator jobs

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The role of an administrative professional is evolving, with job-holders in a wide range of fields taking on more responsibility. Here are some of the best-paying administrator jobs available, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1.  Real estate administrator. Ad­­min­­is­­tra­­tors in the real estate business recruit, train and hire people. They can also be tasked with managing the client database, generating leads on properties and following up on cases. Real estate administrators get paid an average of $46,000 per year depending on how big the agency is and where it’s located.

2.  Legal administrative assistant. A knowledge of legal terms and principles is necessary to work in legal administration. With these in hand, legal administrative assistants can expect to earn about $48,000 a year.

3.  Business administrator. Business administrators cover several fields, including sales, retail, hospitality and management operations. Ad­min­­is­­tra­­tors are often responsible for the company’s budget as well as analyzing sales reports. With an associate degree business administrators can earn $25,000 to $50,000 a year. With a bachelor’s degree they can earn up to $88,000.

4.  Academic administrator. These employees tend to help in college and university teaching departments by handling administrative duties such as resource planning, scheduling, logistics and project management. Academic administrators make an average salary of $90,000.

5.  Database administrator. In charge of storing data on programs in­­cluding shipping records or financial information, database administrators install, upgrade, configure and maintain an organization’s database. They can earn about $78,500 per year.

6.  Financial administrator. These administrators are in charge of budget information, accounts and the preparation of financial reports. They can be employed at companies large and small, and their salary reflects that.

— Adapted from “Which Fields Have the Highest Paying Administrative Jobs,” Jessie Liu, The Job Network.

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