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7 ways to bounce back from burnout

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Burnout can affect anyone at any point. Sometimes it’s a sign you need to make a serious change in your life. Other times you just need to make some changes to your routine that will help change your outlook toward your work, says Sujan Patel, vice president of marketing at When I Work.

There’s plenty of well-worn advice on what types of small changes to try, but Patel offers some suggestions you may not have considered.

1.  Watch cartoons. Cartoons are typically for children, but they can also help adults tap into childlike excitement and become more posi­­tive about work. When you access the child­­like parts of your brain, you can relax more and battle burnout. If cartoons don’t appeal to you, do something else you loved as a kid.

2.  Develop habits. Habits remove the decision-making step from your process. When you’re stressed, you forget to do things you haven’t established as regular habits. But if you make things like exercising and eating healthy into habits, you’ll continue to do them effortlessly—even when you’re feeling burned out.

3.  Break down every task. Burnout happens easily when your goals are too big. But when you break each down into smaller pieces, it becomes less difficult and less stressful.

4.  Change your environment. When you’re stressed, sitting down in the same place to work each day may only make things worse. Instead, get out and go somewhere new and different. A change of scenery can help you recover from burnout.

5.  Work on three things. Burnout occurs when you try to do too much. So plan to do only three things for two weeks to slow yourself down. You can always do more, but the goal is to pace yourself. This allows you to prioritize and helps you practice saying “no.”

6.  Get a hobby. Spending time on hobbies can help fight burnout.

7.  Don’t give up. Keep trying and keep looking for ways to find your productive life.    

— Adapted from “13 Lesser-Known Techniques for Battling Burnout,” Sujan Patel, Entrepreneur.

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