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Use Twitter polls to engage customers more directly

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TwitterHave you ever wanted to tap into the brains of your Twitter followers? With the Twitter Poll feature you can ask your followers their opinions. This easy-to-use feature gives you insights into what your Twitter tribe thinks.

Here’s how it works: Ask a simple question, and then let your followers anonymously choose between two short answers.

Here are some creative ways to use Twitter Polls:

•  Choose colors for a new marketing campaign or other event: Which color combo do you prefer? 1. Blue and white; 2. Green and white.

•  Decide on a headline for a new article, guide or blog: Which headline is better? 1. Thirteen creative ways to use YouTube; 2. Thirteen ways to use YouTube for business.

•  Research content for a blog, white paper or other project you are writing: Do you use an Ad Blocker? 1. Yes; 2. No.

•  Settle an argument with your team, spouse or friends: Are flip-flops appropriate work attire? 1. Yes; 2. No.

•  Engage around current events and culture. Who will win the World Series? 1. Royals; 2. Mets.

•  Gauge your reach on announcements: Did you hear about our new product launch (more info here)? 1. Yes; 2. No.

•  Plan events. Would you prefer to attend a brandy tasting event or a whiskey tasking event? 1. Brandy; 2. Whiskey.

•  Find out about your audiences: Do you spend more time on Facebook or Twitter? 1. Facebook; 2. Twitter.

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