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Word Online v. Word full version

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computer with folder and check markWord Online is a perfectly acceptable tool for run-of-the-mill document editing. Some tools are unavailable in the Online version, while others are either different or limited. Here’s an overview of what works where.

What works in both

Entering and editing text: This works nearly identically in either version.

Hyperlinks: You can include hyper­­links in Word Online, similar to the way you would use them in the desktop version. Even the shortcut, Ctrl+K, works in both.

Page numbers: Inserting page numbers in the header or footer works similarly in both. If you want to activate the Different First Page option, you’ll find it in the upper right of the document window in the Online version.

What works, but …

Styles: You can apply paragraph and character styles that you save when editing in Word Online. You can also create new ones.

Copy/Paste: Web browsers work differently than applications like Micro­­­­soft Word. And it’s impo...(register to read more)

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