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How professionals are using emojis in the inbox

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in Centerpiece,Office Communication,Workplace Communication

by Denise Chan

emojisThere’s no denying it. Emojis bring to text the nuances of face-to-face communication that would otherwise go undetected or misinterpreted. You use them to write with subtle sarcasm or soften what would otherwise sound like a curt message. Overslept and missed your deadline? Use the cold sweat emoji. Cele­­brat­­ing a huge win like a product launch with your remote team? Try the clapping hands emoji.

We figured many of your Slack channels, text messages and Twitter feeds might look like this, but what about the more traditional channel of workplace communication? Curi­­ous to see how these icons have been adapted into the work inbox, we asked 500 professionals across the U.S. about how they use emojis when emailing teammates. We were quite surprised by our findings.

Appeals to women

Above all else, the biggest split in usage was between genders. 50% of women said they are more likely to send an email with emoj...(register to read more)

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