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4 managers you don’t want to be

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If you fall into any one of these categories, you are likely making people downright miserable at work.

1. Unaware leaders. They fail to see how their actions, attitude and words hurt their team. They underestimate employees’ value to the organization and don’t accept the idea that unhappy employees leads to poor organizational performance. In their minds, people should “just be happy to have a job.”

2. Antisocial leaders. They don’t trust their employees, and so they hold them at a distance. They tell them what to do instead of asking for their feedback. Because everything is their idea, they don’t praise employees for their work. Employees feel used and abused.

3. Profit-focused leaders. To them, the only thing that matters is the bottom line, and the only measure of success is profits. They tend to be short-term focused, and so they don’t foster a culture of long-term success or build employee loyalty.

4. Change-resisting leaders. These leaders are unwilling to initiate change, even when it will help the team or organization. They are stuck in the past and make changes too late to be truly beneficial. They are the last to adopt new processes, technology or plans, and when they do allow change, they want it done slowly and incrementally, even if quicker action is needed.

You may not be ready to admit that you are one of the above. How­­ever, if any of that rings true, understand that if your employees are miserable, they aren’t being productive, innovative or creative. That is simply bad for business.

— Adapted from “Part 1: Maximize Optimism in the Workplace,” Shawn Murphy, Bud to Boss Blog, www.budtoboss.com.

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