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3 words that terrify staff: ‘Things are changing’

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Leaders & Managers,People Management

“Oh, it's great that you can produce results and come up with brilliant ideas—but if you don’t know how to roll with the boat on difficult waves, that can all get forgotten.” - Successfully Managing Organizational Change: How to Reduce Resistance, Increase Support & Achieve Results

See if this chilling true story has a ring of the familiar: When speaker and trainer Marie McIntyre, Ph.D., worked in HR for a large company, a new CEO rolled into town one day to take over the reins. Marie’s boss just couldn’t abide this man who was, in Marie’s words, “pretty much a piece of work.”

Her boss kept telling the new CEO why the changes he proposed simply wouldn’t work, and he took to spending a lot of time in meetings complaining about this officious, meddling new presence.

Then one night around six o’clock, Marie shuffled down to her boss’s office to talk shop—but found only thumbtacks and tumbleweeds in there. He was the first perso...(register to read more)

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