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Don’t ignore complaints of workers’ missing tips

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in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

Money left for workers in places where tipping is typical becomes the property of the workers for which the money is intended. If employees tell you that the money is disappearing and that a supervisor is responsible, check out the allegations.

Recent case: A group of housekeepers at a Fairfield Inn and Suites filed a collective action against the chain, alleging that a supervisor made them work off-the-clock and confiscated any tips travelers left for the maids. One housekeeper testified that the supervisor frequently entered the rooms before they could and that she found empty envelopes with thank-you notes in the trashcans. She informed another supervisor, who apparently did nothing. The lawsuit said this was “conversion,” or theft. The court agreed and said the employer could be held liable if it knew or should have known it was happening. (Cruz, et al., v. TMI Hospitality, et al., No. 14-CV-1128, DC MN, 2015)

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