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Your Office Coach

Is this sincere appreciation … or something else?

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Q: “Do you think it would be okay to send a complimentary email about my boss to her manager? Or would that just look as though I’m ‘sucking up’?” Grateful

A: There’s a big difference between sucking up and sincere appreciation. Suck-ups flatter their superiors in order to achieve some self-centered goal, like getting a raise or a better performance review. Genuinely appreciative people are simply expressing their true feelings.

Since most managers don’t receive too many compliments, I’m sure your supervisor will be both surprised and pleased by your kind words. And considering all the bad bosses out there, it’s nice to let upper management know about the good ones. So as long as you mean what you say, you should definitely send that email.

"Managing up" is an important skill. Here are some helpful tips: How to Manage Your Boss.

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