Workplace tips for millennials

The workplace can be hard to navigate for millennials, especially when you’re working to dispel common myths about your generation. More-seasoned professionals may have a negative view of millennials, thinking they aren’t motivated, aren’t effective communicators, don’t want to be managed or don’t want to earn a promotion, says David Goldin, founder and CEO of Capify. But he says millennials are actually ex­­tremely creative, entrepreneurial and technologically savvy. Here are some ways to disprove the common misconceptions and advance in the workplace in your 20s:

•  Accept the rules. Millennials shouldn’t jump into a new role and immediately want to change every policy they disagree with. These policies probably exist for a reason. Show you’re a team player by accepting the rules, not fighting them.

•  Stay goal-oriented. Set goals for yourself instead of waiting for someone else to set them for you. You may want extra responsibility, but it’s im­­portant to show your boss you can handle the work you’ve been given before he can give you something else. Think about what motivates you, and set short- and long-term goals that will help you hold yourself accountable. It’s important to show results and work hard before taking the next step.

•  Communicate effectively. Find out how your supervisors like to communicate. Some people prefer email over in-person conversation. If they prefer an in-person talk, make sure you accommodate them. But don’t disturb them; instead, let them know when you’ll be stopping by.

•  Make yourself invaluable. Determine what your company defines as successful. Leverage your strengths and align yourself with that image.

•  Show you’re self-sufficient. Millennials should focus on learning the skills it takes to be independent at work. When a manager shows you how to do something, take notes so you can do it yourself next time.

— Adapted from “A CEO Shares His Best Advice for Getting Promoted Quickly When You’re in Your 20s,” Hope Restle, Business Insider.