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New boss? Start off on the right foot

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in Office Politics,Workplace Communication

One of the most pivotal periods in your relationship with your boss is those first few weeks while you’re getting routines established, learning each other’s temperaments and mapping out expectations. This is especially true when it’s the boss who’s new to the company and not you. You can make yourself indispensable and ease her transition into your organization if you do the following:

• Meet with her. Be proactive and schedule a meeting so you can update her on all your current projects and their statuses, says Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder. Point out things you really enjoy and ask her expectations of you.

• Pay attention to the boss’s rhythms. Is he a morning person or does he burn the midnight oil? Is he cranky right before lunch but productive after? You should take these into consideration when trying to schedule meetings, when asking for help or trying to get emails answered says Sarah Nahm, founder and CEO of talent and hiring startup Lever.

• Plan for some mistakes and delays. Since no transition is ever perfect, have weekly or twice-weekly meetings in the beginning to check in before any disasters arise.    

— Adapted from “6 Tips for Dealing With a New Boss,” Martha C. White, Time.

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