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Stay connected to distant co-workers

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

As many more companies transfer over to the satellite world, talent hunter Erica Breuer suggests they keep these four tips in mind to stay connected with co-workers:

1.  Say thank you in writing. Sending a thank-you note, re­­minds the person you’re communicating with that you are a live person and not just a computer screen. It also helps personalize co-worker relationships.

2.  Wish them happy birthday. Set notifications to help remember co-workers’ birthdays, and go the extra mile to send them celebratory cards. Just because there’s no office, it doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate.

3.  Mind your manners. When working remotely, it is easy to forget about a dress code, but for a video call, you’ll want to look your best.

4.  Set face-to-face time. If you are within driving distance of your co-workers, try to meet in person every once in a while to touch base on the company’s progress.

— Adapted from “4 ‘Old-Fashioned’ Ways to Stay Connected to Your Co-workers—No Matter How Far Away They Are,” Erica Breuer, The Muse.

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