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Accessing shared calendars on your smartphone

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Q. How do I access shared calendars on my smartphone?

A. Using Office365 or accessing your Outlook email through Exchange mail on your smartphones has evolved quite a bit. You can see your calendar, full-feature email, shared folders, etc. However, there are still issues with seeing shared calendars. You can see an indication of a shared calendar (i.e., you will see someone’s name), but it seems smartphone users will not be able to see items in calendars other than their own for the time being. There are a couple of things to try before accepting “No” for an answer. And, much will depend on the security profile of your organization.

For those folks whose calendars you need to see, if they have access to OWA (Outlook Web Access aka Outlook online), they can share in OWA with you. You then will be able to add the shared calendar to your OWA. When you access OWA from your smartphone, you should be able to see it as an available calendar. It will be in read mode only, though.

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