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Start the day right by … eating a live frog?

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

How a person spends their morning can impact their short-term productivity—and how much they can achieve in the longer-term. Here are six amazingly simple productivity routines practiced by some of the world’s greatest business minds—that could just change the tone of the entire day. Share them with staff!

1. Write down three things that went well yesterday. The Happiness Advantage author Shawn Achor cites scientific studies that prove the correlation between positive thinking and productivity.  

For example, in a study of doctors, those who self-reported a positive mood before making a complicated medical diagnosis were more accurate and able to make the diagnosis 20% more quickly than doctors who said they felt “neutral” about the day.

Focus a few minutes of your morning to recognize what went well the day prior. Not only will remembering how much you have to be thankful for help you to focus on what’s goin...(register to read more)

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