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12 questions help alter team behavior

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in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

To change behavior—your own and your team’s—start by identifying specific behaviors you want to change. Here are questions to help prepare your team:

  1. What three to five key behaviors have driven our success?
  2. What three to five behaviors have my mentors used to drive their success?
  3. What behaviors have our competitors used?
  4. What three to five behaviors have held back our team?
  5. Based on our strengths and opportunities, what’s most likely to work?
  6. What investments in time, talent and money will we need?
  7. Will our current culture support these new behaviors?
  8. Why would people adopt them?
  9. How do I communicate why our people should adopt them?
  10. What specific, observable directions will instill these behaviors?
  11. How will we measure commitment?
  12. How will we track results?

— Adapted from Elevate, Rich Horwath, Wiley.

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