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3 secrets of successful walking meetings

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in Meeting Management,Office Management

People who participate in walking meetings are 5.25% more likely to report being creative at work than those who don’t and 8.5% more likely to report high levels of engagement with their jobs, found management professors Rus­­­sell Clayton, Chris Thomas and Jack Smothers. They surveyed 150 working adults to obtain that data and learn some essential elements of successful walking meetings.

1.  Include an interesting destination. This provides an additional incentive for your co-worker to walk instead of meeting sitting down. It could be a local landmark or just a nearby coffee shop.

2.  Don’t spring them on people. Notify everyone in advance if you want to have a walking meeting. This gives them time to dress comfortably and have water prepared. And be willing to take “maybe next time” as an answer if someone needs more notice.

3.  Make it fun. Studies show that people who participate in walking meetings are more satisfied at work. Make sure everyone enjoys the experience and appreciates the fresh air that comes along with getting out of the office.

— Adapted from “How to Do Walking Meetings Right,” Russell Clayton, Chris Thomas and Jack Smothers, Harvard Business Review.

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