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Key to juggling company social accounts

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Managing multiple social media channels can make it seem like social media is managing you. But if you’ve been assigned a role in managing your company’s social media marketing efforts, it’s important to find ways to keep from being overwhelmed so you can consistently help put the company’s best face forward online.

Start by doing everything you can to keep things simple, says Catherine Wedgwood, marketing and communications manager at Getting Smart. Focus on doing a few things really well and follow these tips.

•  Stay realistic. The Internet runs constantly, but you don’t. You don’t need to be always online checking mentions and updating followers. There are social media tools you can use to schedule updates for when you’re away from your desk.

•  Develop a strategy. Figure out what works for your brand and stick with it. Do some research and find out where your audience is hanging out, and spend most of your time focused on those social media sites.

•  Remain informed. It’s important to know what’s out there, but you don’t have to try every new tool. Do your research and try things that appear to be a real fit with your organization and its goals. Pay attention to what other people are using and be open to new ideas.

•  Connect and collaborate. Your co-workers are most likely on social media. Ask them to participate by sharing what the company posts. Share articles and blog posts from other thought leaders in your field to spread good content across the internet. People will begin to see your organization as a good source of information.

•  Be authentic. Have fun with your brand’s voice. Don’t be too silly, and stay professional, but create social media updates your audience will enjoy reading. Everything you share should sound like it came from a human because you attract more followers when you aren’t too formal and stiff.

— Adapted from “5 Tips for Managing Social Media (Before it Manages You),” Getting Smart.

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