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Alternatives to Google and Bing search engines

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

DuckDuckGo: If you want fast, relevant and no-frills, this is your search engine. A prominent message in the upper right corner of the screen tells you that they don’t track you. In the nosy world of popular search engines, that’s refreshing.

Yippy: While search results are great, you still look at a haystack in which your needle is hiding. Yippy provides great refiners on the left called Clouds, Sources, Sites and Time. Yippy seems to yield more ad-free results than any of the other search engines.

Dogpile: This search engine predates Google as a fast search engine. It is as easy to use and delivers similar results. The ads are a bit more obscured on Dogpile than on either of the other two search engines. If you’re simply anti-Google or anti-Bing, in principle, Dogpile may be a good alternative.

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