Reassure an insecure, jealous boss

Everyone—even your supervisor—becomes a little jealous and insecure at times. If you have been especially exceptional at a job, and received recognition from upper management, your boss may be worried that you’re vying for his or her job.

If he or she begins treating you differently as a result, follow these steps to improve the relationship:

1. Share your career goals with your boss. Map out a short-term plan for your job and goals you hope to accomplish. Then request a meeting with your boss.

2. Focus on you. Don’t go into how your boss acts jealous or insecure. Instead, make the meeting about your career and goals.

3. Ask for your supervisor’s feedback. Once you have laid out the plan, ask, “What do you think of my plan? What do you think I should do differently?”

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That shows your boss that you value his or her input and still see him or her as your authority figure. That can go a long way to temper your supervisor’s insecurity.

— Adapted from “When Your Boss Is Jealous of Your Success,” Liz Ryan, Forbes,