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Manage passive-resistance staff

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

You know the type: those employees who accept assignments without comment, but then don’t complete the work as you specified. They drag their feet, do a bad job, ask for extensions at the last minute or convince another co-worker to do the work.

Use these tips to put an end to passive-resistance behavior:

•  Evaluate your role. Have you addressed the problem or simply let the behavior go? If it’s the latter, employees may not think their behavior is problematic. Hold one-on-one meetings with them to discuss the problem, set expectations and establish ground rules.

•  Encourage people to say “No.” Explain to employees that if they have competing priorities or work overload, they should tell you so that you can make adjustments.

•  Ensure employees know what to do. Some people procrastinate because the work is too hard for them. Offer training and coaching as needed.

— Adapted from “Tips on How To Deal With Passive-Resistant Employees,” Alice Waagen, The Business Journals, www.bizjournals.com.

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