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That or Which?

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Many people use “that” and “which” interchangeably, but the words have different grammatical meanings. Here’s the basic rule of thumb: You use “that” for clauses that are im­­per­­a­­tive to the sentences, whereas “which” is for phrases and clauses that aren’t essential and usually just serve descriptive purposes.

1. Offices (that/which) recycle help the environment.

2. The new copier—(that/which) was just delivered last week—is already broken.

3. Software programs (that/which) help with editing images are often expensive.

4. The company is providing this training to teams (that/which) will be using the new computer system.

5. The forms (that/which) you are looking for are in the filing cabinet.

6. We spent the day connecting our new monitors, (that/which) are a big improvement from our old ones.

7. The assistant accidentally shredded the letter (that/which) was mixed in with the junk mail.

8. Someone stole my lunch, (that/which) was in the cafeteria fridge.

9. I’m excited about the awards (that/which) will be announced tomorrow.

10. I am not sure who should handle the angry call (that/which) is waiting on hold.

11. My boss is going to a meeting at our West Coast office, (that/which) is in Los Angeles.

12. I need to get some records from the archives, (that/which) are in the storage room.

13. I don’t know how to respond to the feedback (that/which) my manager put in my review.

14. Is Flag Day one of the holidays (that/which) are included in our paid time off?

15. We always have fun at the company picnic, (that/which) is held at a local park.

Answers: 1. that; 2. which; 3. that; 4. that; 5. that; 6. which; 7. that; 8. which; 9. that; 10. that; 11. which; 12. which; 13. that; 14. that; 15. which

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