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Train employees to think like a CEO

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in Leaders & Managers,Management Training

When you lead a team full of em­­ployees who feel a sense of responsibility for reaching the organization’s goals, productivity and performance improve. Tips to encourage employees to act like they run the place:

•  Tie every position to the vision. Regardless of a person’s level or role, explain how what he does affects the organization’s goals.

•  Assign specific measurable goals. “Do better work” won’t suffice. Provide them with hard numbers or other tangible goals that they can work toward. Mea­­sure their progress, and reward them when they hit benchmarks.

•  Make idea generation a priority. Some of the best ideas come from staff. If possible, offer incentives for sharing feedback and ideas. For example, at Alterra Pest Control, employees are re­­­warded $100 for every idea they generate that the company implements.

— Adapted from “4 Tips for Training Your Employees to Think Like a CEO,” David Royce, Entrepreneur, www.entrepreneur.com.

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