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Got analysis paralysis?

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

tough decisions ahead signYour ability to make sound business decisions swiftly—even when they involve ambiguity and risk—is a major factor in your ability to guide and manage a successful team.  

Here are some simple hacks to help you make better decisions.

Take yourself out of the issue

Scientific research indicates that the less emotionally invested in a problem you are, the better your decision-­making capabilities.

That’s because emotions tend to impact decision-making far more than we realize—even for the most level-headed leaders.

These emotions can range from the deeply seeded (like fears about losing your job), to those as benign as feeling irritable because of a stressful morning commute.

Regardless of the emotion, science shows that your emotional condition at the time you make a decision skews your judgment, and dictates the kind of information you’ll tend to adopt or discard.

To eliminate these biases, Chip Heath, co-author of Decisive: ...(register to read more)

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