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Learn state laws on social media, employee privacy

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

A new online resource from the Seyfarth Shaw law firm offers a state-by-state description of established and new laws designed to protect employees’ privacy rights on social media.

In the past year, Connecticut, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Virginia and Wisconsin joined the growing number of states that have enacted privacy legislation limiting how employers can use social media to uncover information about employees and job applicants.

Twenty-two states now have such laws on the books.

In addition, the National Labor Rela­tions Board and other federal and state regulatory agencies have begun paying more attention to how employers may or may not use social media in a variety of contexts.

Concerns about employee unionization rights, identity theft, cyber-security and protection of intellectual property head the list of reasons why the issue has drawn so much recent attention.

The report—"Social Media Privacy Legislation Desktop Reference: What Employers Need to Know"—describes each state’s law, details what is and isn’t allowed and includes best practices to help employers navigate this challenging landscape.

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