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Brainstorming for true creative gladiators

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

Leaders innovate—not necessarily by inventing a car that runs on almond milk or coining an acronym that winds up on CNN, but by getting people to see things in a new way. Amazing ideas don't come easy though, and the process of emboldening a staff to achieve brilliance shouldn't be pretty. If you want to be known as a real brainstorming gladiator, you've got to take some chances and go above and beyond the ordinary. Ready to get serious about it?

Make brainstorming a party. Don’t just send out a tired Outlook invite. Treat it like an event to look forward to, almost like a Fun Club happening. Give it a title, phrase it as a competition, put up signs. Stir up intrigue and excitement to set the session on a higher plane than anything else. (What if, to emphasize a gritty, get-our-hands-dirty atmosphere, you ban business dress and demand casual attire?)

VIPs only. If someone doesn’t have an investment in the project from beginni...(register to read more)

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