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3 out of 4 workers agree: We’re working with adolescents!

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unruly employeeIt’s not a jungle out there in the workplace anymore. It’s more like middle school.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 77% of working people polled have witnessed some type of childish behavior among their colleagues at work.

When asked which adolescent behaviors they’ve witnessed colleagues displaying in the workplace, they gave these answers:

Whining   55%

Pouting   46%

Tattling on co-workers   44%

Pranking   36%

Making faces   35%

Forming cliques   32%

Starting rumors   30%

Stomping   29%

Throwing tantrums   27%

Not sharing   23%

Source: CareerBuilder.com survey, August 2015

Teenage angst at work can take a toll on one’s professional brand. An earlier 2015 CareerBuilder survey among employers found that certain adolescent behaviors can have a negative impact on an employee’s chances of being promoted, including:

  • Negativity: 62% of employers say they are less likely to promote employees who have a negative or pessimistic attitude.
  • Vulgar language: 51% consider vulgar language an indication that an employee is not ready for promotion.
  • Gossip: 44% say they would think twice before promoting an employee who participates in office gossip.
  • Sloppiness: Employees who do not clean up after themselves can hurt their chances for a promotion in the eyes of 36% of employers.

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