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Rise and shine with standing desks

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By now, most people have seen head­­lines such as “Can Sitting Give You Can­­­cer?” and “Sitting Is the New Smok­­ing.” And while it can be tempting to dismiss the crusade against sitting as a passing fad, the case for getting off your chair is compelling—from triggering a process that keeps blood sugar under control to boosting the immune system to burning 30,000 extra calories a year simply by standing up for three hours of each workday.

With the workplace being a major contributor to sedentary behavior, standing desks are becoming a popular alternative. However, for many leaders considering them for themselves and their teams, one concern often takes center stage: Is productivity going to suffer?

All on board

Granted, there is bound to be a period of adjustment, but many workplaces have made the switch with great results.

“We recently moved into a new Man­­hattan office, and everyone in the company got a standing desk. So...(register to read more)

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