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Let’s all play nice! Prevent and manage bullying in the workplace

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

bullyBullies may graduate from high school—but they don’t always shake their manipulative, power-seeking ways in tandem. In fact, a 2014 study conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) revealed that nearly 30% of workers had experienced some form of bullying on the job.

Moreover, 72% of those surveyed felt that their workplace either rationalized or encouraged a culture of bullying, or denied its existence altogether.

When your workplace has any presence of bullies, it’s impossible to give your team the safe environment that encourages them to have the confidence, motivation and ability to be truly productive and happy in their jobs.

Here are a few simple ways to prevent and manage workplace bullying, for the sake of your staff, and your own ability to be an influential manager.

• Know what it looks like. The easiest way to manage workplace bullying is to create an environment that discourages it from beginn...(register to read more)

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