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2 alternatives to Excel VLookUp

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in Excel Training,Office Technology

VLookUp is a powerful and useful function in Excel. It allows you to look up a value in a list and return any column from the look-up column, left. If your first column had employee ID and your seventh column had ZIP code, VLookUp could find the ZIP code for a whole list of employee IDs. The formula would look similar to this: =VLOOKUP(A1,Employee_Table, 7,0), where A1 contains the employee ID and all employee records are stored in a named range called Employee_Table.

But what if your look-up column isn’t the first one? Your work around might be to copy the look-up column to a newly inserted first column. However, there are two better ways. Meet Index-Match and LookUp. These two methods even allow you to look up a value across a row and return a value from a column.


Technically, Index-Match is more efficient than a VLookUp because it doesn’t have to process the entire table. It only has to process the column or r...(register to read more)

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