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The makings of a good business trip

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Most business travelers (88%) consider their trips successful. According to an industry survey, three factors make for a good business trip: the number of meetings, the length of stay and how early you book the trip.

More meetings. A trip with one meeting produces an unsatisfactory result 19% of the time; every additional meeting reduces the probability of a poor trip.

Enough time for meetings. If you have an hour or less to meet, the probability of the trip tanking is 28%. This probability is reduced to 8% when meetings run two days or more. In 38% of unsuccessful trips, the cumulative meeting time was four hours or less.

Advance booking. This doesn’t just save your company money; it also affects quality. A trip booked less than three days in advance has a 21% chance of flopping, while the probability of an unsatisfactory trip decreases threefold when you book a trip 15 or more days in advance.

— Adapted from “Study: What Makes a Successful Business Trip?” Ryan Rudnansky, Travel Pulse.

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