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Leadership Tips, Vol. 915

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Learn to love neurotics. You have a choice of two candidates. One radiates enthusiasm while the other is quiet and nervous. Easy, right? The extrovert will shine. Think again. Chances are, the obsessive will work harder, listen better, become a truer team player and get the job done right.

— Adapted from “Corinne Bendersky on Why Neurotics Get a Bum Rap,” Laura W. Geller, strategy+business.

Fear no one. Coach Jerry Tark­anian built a basketball dynasty in the desert, winning a national title at the Uni­­ver­­sity of Nevada-Las Vegas in 1990 and taking his team to four Final Fours. But Tarkanian will be remembered at least as much for his fearlessness in taking on the NCAA, fighting back until he won.

— Adapted from “Jerry Tarkanian: A true rebel if ever there was one,” Yahoo News Digest.

Need a few creative types? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the top three metro areas for finding creative workers are: Washington-Arlington-Alexandria; Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown; and Boston-Cambridge-Quincy. Plenty of other big and medium-size cities make the cut, too.

 — Adapted from “Where does the creative class move?” Richard Florida, Quartz.


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