Capitalize on email introductions

When a contact takes the time to in­troduce you to someone via email, take advantage of the opportunity. Fol­­­­­low these tips to turn those introductions into strong business relationships:

•  Respond quickly. Don’t wait days—or even hours—to follow up. If you are busy, send a quick “Hello” to the new contact and suggest a time for the two of you to connect via phone or in person.

•  Copy the introducer only on the first reply. Thank the person for introducing you. Afterward, don’t CC the introducer on every message, unless the person has requested to stay in the loop.

•  Take time to draft a polished message. While you want to respond quickly, take time to proof your message and to ensure that you have drafted a succinct message that covers all pertinent information.

•  Follow through. If the person wants to meet or asks you to send additional information, do so in a timely manner. Your reputation isn’t the only thing at stake; the person who set up the introduction went out on a limb for you. Make sure you work hard to move the relationship forward.

— Adapted from “8 Tips for Turning Email Introductions Into Actual Relationships,” Gabe Lozano, Entrepreneur,