Lead a team through transition

Take the pain out of change by effectively leading your team through a transition. Follow these rules:

  • Communicate your vision consistently. Explain the reason for the change, describe your goals and share your long-term strategy. Provide plenty of information so employees don’t feel like they are in the dark. Maintain consistent communication.
  • Prove that you are invested in the change. Employees have to see you working as hard as they are. Roll up your sleeves and make the change a success right along with your employees.
  • Explain how employees will be affected. Talk openly about the problems employees can expect, but also talk about how the changes will benefit everyone in the long run.
  • Be optimistic. Be positive about the changes, and when a problem does arise, focus on solutions rather than allowing conversations to turn into gripe-fests.

— Adapted from “How leaders can remain optimistic during tough times,” Linda Addison, Fortune, www.fortune.com.