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The HR I.Q. Test: March ’08

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in FMLA Guidelines,HR Management,Human Resources

1.  The new proposed FMLA rules say time that employees spend performing light-duty work:
     a. DOES count toward the person’s 12-week FMLA total
     b. Does NOT count toward the person’s 12-week FMLA total 
     c. May count toward the FMLA total if certain conditions are met

2.  The top three factors, in order, that U.S. workers say cause them the most stress at work:
     a. Workload, commute, money
     b. People issues, workload, work/life balance
     c.  Commute, job security, people issues

3.  What percentage of employees believe they could do as good or a better job than their bosses if they switched positions for a day?
     a. 43%    b. 63%    c. 83%
4.  What does federal law say about extra pay for employees who work weekends, nights or holidays?
     a. It’s required at time-and-a-half.
     b. It’s required at double time.
     c. It’s not required, but some state laws may apply.

5.  Percentage of HR professionals who agree that men ask for more money than women when negotiating pay:
     a. 47%    b. 67%    c. 87%

6.  What’s the average one-way commute for U.S. workers?
     a.  25.5 minutes
     b.  33.4 minutes
     c.  42.2 minutes

7.  Percentage of working adults who say they know how much they pay for monthly health insurance premiums:
     a. 30%    b. 50%    c. 70%

Sources:  1. U.S. Labor Dept.; 2. ComPsych survey; 3. Yahoo! survey; 4. U.S. Labor Dept.; 5. BLR; 6. Transportation Research Board; 7. eHealth survey

Answers:   1. B    2. B    3. A    4. C    5. C    6. A    7. B 

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