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Announcing the winner of our Be a Better Leader Week survey

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A big thanks to everyone who participated in our five-day leadership challenge during Be a Better Leader Week!

In the weeks leading up to Be a Better Leader Week, we conducted a survey asking readers to imagine they are the CEO of an organization that launches a major product complete with a national advertising campaign, and two weeks in, a critical flaw in the product turns customers across the country against it, resulting in some seriously rough headlines. We asked our readers what they would say to inspire and generate passion among their employees to move forward after this wipeout — and only gave them 50 words to do it.

Below are a few of our favorite responses—and the winning response:

  • “Surprise, we’re not perfect, but no one is. Life is riddled with setbacks, but it is also full of incredible comebacks. Our job is to inspire confidence in our products, and what is better inspiration than an incredible comeback? How? We will each do our part. Ready? Let’s go!”
  • “We can let the headlines bring us down, or we can let them motivate us to move forward. We won’t choose the easy, quick fix because that isn’t who we are. We’ll take the path less traveled. We’ll make things right by our customers and write our own success headline!”
  • “Sony's first product was a rice cooker that burned rice and sold 100 units. Milton Hershey started three candy companies before Hershey’s. Failure did not define them, and it will not define us. They did not hide from failure, and neither will we. Failure is not the opposite of success!”

And the winner ...

“We went big. We wiped out. Ouch! Now what? We get up and we do it again. Bigger, bolder, braver. We owe it to ourselves. More—we owe it to everyone else. This is our chance to dismiss the fear of choosing to do great things. In everyone, everywhere, always.”


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