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Three Word problems, three Word solutions

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in Office Technology,Word Tips

Q. What are some tweaks I can try to squeeze one or two lines back on to the previous page?

A. A page is a finite space on which you can fit a finite quantity of characters and objects. However, you can define the space or content to buy a little more page real estate. That said, don’t try a .8-inch bottom margin instead of the 1-inch bottom margin required by the grant reviewer, for example. Without such a requirement, just decreasing the upper, lower, left and/or right margins by a tenth of an inch can be just what you need to pull those stray lines up.

Another tip is to adjust the paragraph spacing. The default on many styles is either 6 points or 10 points. Take that down to 4 points or even 0, if it doesn’t adversely affect readability. Cropping or resizing objects by even a few tenths of an inch can get you what you need. Use the Picture Tools Format contextual tab. In the Size group, simply type the new dimensions. It will keep the aspect ratio by default.

Q. My initials are TEH. But, every time I type them, Word changes it to THE. How can I stop this?

A. For many people, AutoCorrect helps them keep typing without having to correct frequent typos. In your case, the AutoCorrect entry that corrects “teh” to “the” isn’t helpful. There are a couple of ways to do this. One, when you notice the correction, immediately perform an Undo (Ctrl+Z). To stop this correction, click File, Options, Proofing and then the AutoCorrect button. Locate the correction and delete it!

Q. I see some documents with a larger first letter in the paragraph. How do they do that and get it to line up right?

A. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, (roughly in the middle) you’ll see a Drop Cap button. With your letter selected, click the Drop Cap button and the Dropped option. You can choose Drop Cap Options to define exactly how many lines to drop the letter.

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