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Resolve conflict on a remote team

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

With little face-to-face interaction, and email being the primary source of communication, conflict among remote employees often lingers—and festers.

After all, it’s easier to be rude to co-workers or ignore them altogether when you don’t have to make eye contact. Plus, without the benefit of body language and voice tone, messages are often misinterpreted.

Strategy: To help employees handle conflict in a healthy way, create opportunities for them to learn each other’s personalities and communication styles. If your team lives close enough, schedule monthly lunches or social hours for people to connect. Or, if the team is widely dispersed, schedule virtual hangout times when people socialize.

The more people get to know each other, the less likely they will be to lash out and the more comfortable they will feel communicating their concerns to one another.

— Adapted from “Managing Employee Conflict in a Remote Team,” Cam Garrant, ­www.­business2community.com.

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