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Fear of public speaking can help you

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Public speaking instills fear in even the most confident people, writes Dianna Booher, CEO of Booher Research. The key to con­­quer­­i­ng public speaking is using your fear to motivate you. Here are some of Booher’s suggestions to help you use your fear to give a great performance.

•  Make sure you fact-check. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones, everyone in your audience can fact-check you in under 20 seconds. If they find something incorrect in your speech, they’re sure to tune you out.

•  Connect with your audience. Sharing information that is relevant to them will keep your audience engaged.

•  Prepare. The fear you feel can help you make sure to prepare adequately and master your content. Don’t wait until the night before to try and learn what you need to say.

•  Practice. Do a practice run to ensure that what you plan to say doesn’t have awkward spots or strange transitions. You can also practice different methods of delivery.

•  Be ready for questions. Anticipate the questions you’ll receive, and prepare your answers ahead of time so that you won’t be taken by surprise. Allow for pauses during your talk where the audience can ask questions, as well.

— Adapted from “10 Ways Leaders Use Fear in Public Speaking,” Dianna Booher, The Huffington Post.

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