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6 phrases your boss wants to hear

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Face it: Your boss holds the keys to your next pay raise, that potential promotion and even whether you can take a vacation this summer.

Do your best to foster a positive relationship with the person who has so much influence over your future.

Say these phrases often to stay on your supervisor’s good side:

1. “What can I do to help?” Bosses spend so much time fielding employees’ complaints about their workloads, and it’s a relief to them when you offer to lend a hand. In addition, you prove that you are a team player.

2. “I’ll take the lead on that.” You show initiative and confidence, both desirable traits in an employee. In addition, you take some of the pressure off your boss to manage another project.

3. “No problem.” Bosses usually dread assigning more work when they know you are slammed. When you respond to a new task or request with a positive attitude, you ease your boss’s concerns.

4. “Here is the problem and here is how we solve it.” When you find a solution on your own before presenting a problem to your boss, you save your supervisor time while proving your initiative and problem-solving abilities.  

5. “I made a mistake, but here is how I resolved it.” Being accountable for your mistakes proves that you are mature and honest. When you go a step further to say how you rectified the mistake and how you will prevent it going forward, you prove that you care about the quality of your work.

6. “I’ll get that done by ...” By providing your boss with an exact time when you will complete a task, you allow him to plan more easily and provide status updates to his own supervisor.

— Adapted from “20 Things Your Boss Will Love to Hear and Why,” Bernard Marr, www.linkedin.com.

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